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Runnicle wrote:

Fishbeye Hemi costs $29 (download version) and works on any photoshop plug-in compatible program, which I assume means Photoshop original, Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop Lightroom. There's another version that works on some Apple image editor. The version that works through Photoshop plugin has three subversions that are included that are supposed to be optimized respectively for full-circular fisheye, full-frame fisheye and cropped frame fisheye. Actually, it is easy to try any one of the three on any fisheye image, so use whichever one yields (by experimenting) the most pleasing results for your particular camera/lens combo.

Actually Fisheye Hemi is more powerful than when seen at first glance. There are limitless tweaks to each of the "three subversions" which allow customization to any lens or any effect desired:

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sean lancaster wrote:
My samples above include results using the Fisheye Hemi plugin in Aperture (they also have a Photoshop plugin).
I don't think I'll be buying it after trying it. It gives me 3 options for correction, but I can't tweak it in any way and this Rokinon lens is not one that is noted.
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john cullings wrote:
I just installed the Image Trends Hemi plug-in. It works with my Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens (Canon version).
Hemi is tweakable. Select the "Tips & Techniques" heading on Image Trends Fisheye-Hemi web page - scroll down to Advanced Tips (near bottom). This link may work:
The TRICK is to enlarge the photoshop "canvas width" to the PROPER amount before applying the Hemi filter. 15 percent enlargement is a good starting point. I like the Hemi filter because it keeps almost all of my original photo - unlike rectilinear conversions.


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