What can't the Olympus OM-D Em5 do as well as a DSLR/SLT camera?

Started Feb 3, 2013 | Questions thread
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You don't actually own one, so how can you answer?

I don't see one listed on your gear list...and it seems you are answering based on what you've heard only, rather than your own experience, or the facts.

ljfinger wrote:

Such a camera can't do that well on moving subjects because the AF system doesn't track well and because the EVF has lag.

Personally I've done birds using CAF+TR, but BIF takes practice with ANY camera.  Also the EVF frame rate can be sped up using a menu setting getting rid of the lag.

It also has poor ergonomics due to the small size so if you shoot for hours at a time, you'll end up in a lot more pain than if you were shooting with a better-fitting camera.

For many decades the majority of SLR cameras on the market used to be similar in size to the E-M5...pros used them for decades without issue.  Some did add a grip to the camera, and the E-M5 has that option.  It's certainly a lot better than the big, bulky, heavy, oversized dSLRs the manufacturers have been forcing us to use, rather than making normal sized cameras like the E-M5.

I'm in a lot less pain after a two hour studio shoot with the much lighter E-M5 and grip, than with the monster dSLRs with grips I used to use!  Again if you've never tried both in that situation you're only guessing, not stating fact!

Third, it has perhaps 1/5th the battery life of a modest dSLR so if you shoot a lot of shots, you'll need a lot of batteries with you.

I did a studio shoot where I got 800 shots in an hour. In that case though I had IS off and wasn't doing a lot of reviewing or walking around with the viewfinder/monitor on.

Finally, it's not part of a big, flexible system. There are fewer support accessory options and no possibility to move up in sensor size if you should choose to do that later.

It's more flexible than any other system.  With an adapter you can attach lenses from other brands including Nikon and Canon.  Don't know what "accessory options" you're talking about that it doesn't support since I've used external flashes, remote TTL flashes, radio slaves, remote shutter triggers (including light, sound, and motion detection types), filters, tethering, etc.

As for larger sensors, if you get a 135/35mm Canon or Nikon body you can't move up to a larger sensor size either without getting all new lenses, so that's a moot point.

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