Scariest thing to happen to a driver on the road!!

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Re: What stupidity?

DreamsAreDust wrote:

Chato wrote:

DreamsAreDust wrote:

Mentor_1 wrote:

Haha - funny.. My genes are damaged because I believe that stupidity should not go forwards into the human gene pool? What a joke..

I let your remark slide, but I have to pause and ask, ​what stupidity?

​Losing control of a car, for reasons unknown?

Yes.. cars don't usually do this for no reason.

It might have been a nail and a burst tyre.. it could also have been any number of driver-influenced things (over correcting, not looking, swerving to miss another car, etc).

In my rig driving days I saw 1000's of accidents - so VERY few were genuine accidents, the rest were some form of driver stupidity - i'll give benefit of the doubt to stupidity before I'd give them to 'genuine accident'.

Or being in a car, suddenly struck by an out of control vehicle?

Not them, they were completely innocent. No reason to remove their genes from the pool.

Personally, aside from being grotesque, your remarks have now shifted to the really, really, dumb.

Now as it happens I am a being fan of "Darwin Awards" ​because ​highlighting them might teach someone not to try to win one. In this case, at least as far as I can determine, this was an example of "Sht happens."

I see it differently - "Shiit happens" is a tree falling on the road, or a deer running across, etc.
Things that only involve humans are rarely a "shiit happens" thing - there's usually a moron on one side or the other.

Might happen to you. Might happen to me.

True - this sort of thing (being on the receiving end of a lfying car) could happen to anyone.

Sadly, most stupid drivers tend to cause more problems for other people than themselves..


I find it quite amusing that, out of all of this, I'm the arssehole because I stated that I wished the person in the flying car had died, when he could have killed and probably did seriously injure the receiving people.

Obviously not allowed to have an opinion unless it fits into other peoples views and opinions..

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Don't bother with dreams, reality turns them into dust..

You have no idea what happened and you are jumping to delusions without any knowledge whatsoever of the situation. That's why you get what you got.

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