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Re: SLT or DSLR?

NowHearThis wrote:

Pitbullo wrote:

I have a Canon 550D, which is a very good dSLR. However, the high ISO performance can be

Sony A57 vs 550D

  • Overall score 75 vs 66
  • Color: 23.4 bits vs 22.1 bits
  • Dynamic Range: 13EV vs 11.5 EV
  • ISO: 785 vs 784

The A57, might not perform as well at high ISOs as an Pentax K5 or a Sony NEX-5n, but it'll hold up against any Canon APS-C DSLR right now. I used to have the 550D (T2i), I wished I had waited just one more month and I could have bought the Sony A55 instead. Ultimately I would have have been more satisfied.

Compared to APS-C, there is no competition for the A99, it is an awesome camera, very desirable! And due to my need of high ISO performance FF is the only way for me. The A99 is getting high ISO score at DXOMark of 1555. But the Canon 6D is getting 2340. That is a substantial difference! Now, the DXOMark scores is to be taken with a grain or two of salt, but then again the difference is still there. Anyway, you cant go wrong with any system today.

As for now my perfect camera would be a FF DSLR with all the Sony SLT gadgetry and innovation. Some day...

You mean like the A99?

The A99 with an optical VF, and a transparent OLED screen as an overlay to the optical VF would be quite nice! The best of both worlds!

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