Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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You could have gone the mFT route

Karaya wrote:

After using the Olympus E-x series (E-1, E-3, E-5) exclusively since 2004 I broke down this month and got a Canon 5D MKIII with a 85mm f1.2 L. This must have been the final motivation Olympus needed to release an E-7 before the last of their loyal 4/3 users drift away.

I have not sold any of my Olympus gear. Really just looked at the new purchase as a way to fill in the remaining gaps in my lens lineup - this is the fast portrait prime that Olympus never made!

I find that the E-M5 and m.Zuiko 45 f/1.8 works well.  The difference between your solution and mine is probably fairly marginal, even in low light, unless you want a super thin DOF.  Having a partial compatibility is useful if you use flash units etc. as well.

Or you could have bought the ZD 50 f/2.

My next lens might be the Sigma 180mm f2.8 macro in EF mount, i.e. the long macro that Olympus never released!

Or you could have bought the ZD 50 f/2 and the EC-14 teleconverter. 

Still, it's not to late for Olympus to recapture my photography business. I would most likely purchase an E-7 if it has a sensor at least as good as the OM-D,

Nah, they'll put a worse sensor in there, just for 'the lulz'.

improved auto focus and a body as nice as the E-5, which is, in my opinion, much nicer then either the 5D MKIII or D800. I would then use my E-5 and E-7 for nature work with my SHG 150 and 300mm lenses and use the 5D for people and landscape work.

The future is looking brighter!

I'd consider an E-7 to replace the E-5 as my 50-200 mm body.  I have been using the E-M5 with the m.ZD 12-50 and E-5 with 50-200 to cover a wide range of focal lengths.  It would be better to be able to use the 12-60 but I would prefer an E-620 sized body for that to keep the weight down.

If Olympus released both an E-7 and an 'E-700' -- or at least an 'E-70' -- then that would really suit my usage.

(Micro FT is progressing well, but still no really good long telephoto lenses.)

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