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Re: mirror really does steal some light

Ron Poelman wrote:

Pitbullo wrote:

What I dont like, what I have seen so far, is the poor (ok, "poor") high ISO capabilities compared to dSLR. The translucent mirror really does steal some light, and to me that is an issue when it comes to upgrading later on.

1/3 of a stop is a deal breaker, really ?

When I see comparisons at high ISO (especially FF) I always get the impression that the SLT is performing quite noticeably worse than the Canikons. That is the deal breaker for me. 1/3 of a stop of light... seems so little presented that way.

In a cam with in-body stabilisation, so you can use cheaper fast lenses ?

IS is not worth that much taking pictures of fast moving toddlers. However, in camera IS would be nice in any dSLR/SLT.

Some people still can't see the forest for the trees it seems.

Give me a break!

All cameras has their strong and weak points, you just have to find out which points is the most important to you. To me, high ISO performance is important, and therefore 1/3 stop can be a deal breaker. For some AF is important and they choose thereafter.

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