So what is the truth, Fuji?

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Re: So what is the truth, Fuji?

Chris Dodkin wrote:

rattymouse wrote:

mjl699 wrote:

Looking forward to three lenses myself and will be dissappointed with delays:

- 23mm f/1.4

- 56mm f/1.4

- 10-24mm f/4

Do not agree that the 23mm lens + XP1/XE1 will cannibalise the X100S or vice versa. They are such different propositions. Price, size, etc. If you want the best small camera around and are OK with 23mm non-interchangeable, X100S. If you want a mirrorless interchangeable and have the money for a range of lenses, XP or XE.

So go on Fuji, let's see some more bery high quality lenses out. You have a buyer here! .


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The 23mm lens was not ready for the X Pro1's launch and now with the X100s' launch, it gets delayed. Interesting.

of course - the tsunami and nuclear emergency in Japan had no bearing on all of this...

No need to manufacture conspiracies

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So the 18, 35, and 60mm lenses, along with the X Pro 1, X-E1, 18-55mm, 14mm, the upcoming X100S, X20, and a slew of new compacts were all fine after after the tsunami and nuclear emergency, but such disasters discriminate against particular focal length interchangeable lenses that just happen to share the focal length of the fixed lens on the X100 and X100S?

Great to know that disasters can be so selective with regards to the hardships they inflict. I never learned that in school. Darn Ivy League!

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