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Re: Orion Nebula Images - Questions re DSS

RustierOne wrote:

NoRules wrote:

I like the first one best. Nice and deep colors. Very good PP if this is just 2 shots. Thanks!

Thanks for your kind comment. That first shot is also my favorite, because it preserves more detail in the brightest part of the nebula. By he way the first two images are single JPEGs. I learned that it may be better to take more images at say 3/4 the exposure and stack the results. At 1 minute, the histogram (in camera) shows some of the image was blown out. That in-camera histogram was a bit pessimistic since the post processing histogram was just short of the right side. I'd also like to start including some dark and bias frames to the stack.

I've noticed the nice color balanced images you and some others have stacked and posted. Since I've struggled with color in DeepSkyStacker, I have a few questions about its use: What settings for DSS do you use for stacking? How do you go about adjusting the 10 sliders in its post-stacking routines? There are so many different ways to adjust these that I'm a bit overwhelmed. The resulting colors don't match the single JPEGs. Any suggestions?

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Hi Russ,

I do not use DSS. I use Photoshop for everything, and shoot in RAW. Look at my Orion Nebula-thread and the different colors. I have troubles too I set the WB manually from now on, when I develop in ACR. Stacking does not change the colors, and I never adjust them either. I do only about 20% enhancement of the colors in Photoshop, and that is it.

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