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Re: Fading colours

What I am saying is that yes technology can change but at the same time we would see it changing and you could switch one format to the next prior to this taking place. Just like you scan a negative to image file, convert a vhs to dvd, convert audio tape to mp3 or open one file and save it in another format, this too will have a way to transfer. Even if you print tons of photos, you cant guarantee that you could scan them in 50 years to a useable format or if a flatbead scanner would even be made. Nothing has a guarantee. I could also argue that I could back up my files in multiple locations and your prints could all burn down in a fire. I could still recover a file stored off site. Could you print multiple copies of every image you took and store them off site? sure could.... you would need a lot of space.

the image file format and dvd's are what my clients want and I can preach about prints to them, but they are the customer and not me. We are now arguing archive methods. My own wedding photos are on a disc and on two hardrives. If technology starts to get rid of JPEG format, I will look into converting them to the new format. Prints do have more of a tangible feeling and the experience of looking at a good print is one that cant be duplicated the same way (at this time) but that is where it ends. I like having an actual print too but that is not the way people share these days. They dont carry around albums or photos in the pocket like they did in the old days. You pull them up on your phone right?

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