A lack of excitement about the 18-35 3.5-4.5?

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if this lens is sharper than the 16-35

buy one quickly and sell it for a profit while others wait years months for theirs. Unless of course, Nikon has a couple of freighters full and ready to go.

16-35 flare example

I just took this a few minutes ago with a focus distance of 12-15 feet right into the winter sun on a clear day. Point, click and resize for web. The (standard) picture control sharpening was set at 3.The 16-35 is a very, very good lens on a D700, IMO. I like to use it in the 20-30mm range as I have a 35mm (Zeiss 35/2) that I really like as well.

I would encourage anyone interested in the 16-35 to read Andy Westlake's review, right here on DPReview. It's as good as any I've found on this particular lens.

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