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Ron Poelman
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Re: SLT or DSLR?

one of the things that keeps being overlooked in DSLR vs SLT
are the innovations SLT brings to the table.

First and foremost, instead of seeing what the camera sees;
with an SLT you see what you get, simply a major breakthrough.
Throw in other handy stuff like the built in level
and focus peaking (so you can utilise manual lenses easily)
and SLT definitely breaks new ground.

These forums are littered with posts by @57 buyers who
adjusted so quickly to a non-EVF they surprised themselves;
there are precious few postings that they couldn't live with an EVF.

The @57 is a great choice, with probably the best ergonomics around for the money,
it's a great home for cheap old Minolta lenses too.

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