A lack of excitement about the 18-35 3.5-4.5?

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Re: A lack of excitement about the 18-35 3.5-4.5?

inasir1971 wrote:

superbaguy wrote:

The samples on Nikon's site don't load at full resolution for me. Where did you see the samples at 100%?

inasir1971 wrote:

I've pulled up the samples (and they're at D600 resolutions) and looked at them at a 100% - it really isn't good. Not at 18, not at 35 not in the corners, not even in the center. Granted, there aren't any samples that are stopped down to say f/8, but I would certainly expect the center at least to be better. (It seems particularly weak at distance)

Till there is something to suggest that it is any good (and these samples suggest otherwise) there is little reason to get excited about this. Being 'new' or revised alone doesn't make it any good.

Posted by Coudet in this thread. The link is:


Those samples looked pretty decent to me considering most of them are near wide open according to the website.  Some have a bit of sharpening applied others it looks like none.

In the one shot at sunset it appears to have very little flare/ghosting (though I'm sure you can get it to ghost if you worked at it just like most lenses).

There's always sample variation too.

We'll just have to see.  Thinking about getting this one, but it will be hard to part with my 17-35AFS . . . .

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