Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Sony RX100 low ISO JPGs look pretty good.

AdamT wrote:

Comparison - Sony RAW crop versus JPG crop .. the difference is very marked , it means that you`re gaining the full use of the sensor - in this case, its the NEX7 as I`ve never had an RX100 but Sony JPGs have smeared fine detail away at low ISOs since the 828 days - the DSLRs and NEX series are as bad as the compacts for it .. if you want to see decent JPGs look at the Fuji X100, S100FS, XPro etc and the older compacts (not the EXR stuff) ..

I`m ready for the cries of "Pixel peeping" on these but it makes the point that you`re losing a lot of what that remarkable sensor is capable of thanks to Sonys careless NR (and lack of abilty to turn it off at low ISOs) by defending them ,all you`re doing is letting them off improving their JPGs . if they`re good enough for you then fine but I`d rather have the ability to crop and make use of the quality on tap ...

As I said this is the NEX7 , thanks to the RAW ability I was able to use it with the 16mm and just "crop to zoom" thanks to 24Mp . the RX100 is the same at the wide end (the long end too if the long end is sharper than the samples I`ve seen so far)

Click Original for full size . these are 100% Crops from 24Mp images . No variables here as it was shot RAW+JPG so basically from the same file

Thanks Adam,

Impressive detail indeed.

Though somehow I don't think that the RX100's sensor/lens combo comes near to resolving as much real detail as the NEX-7 (what lens?). It has a much smaller sensor after all. Plus there seems to be a consensus in various blogs/sites that Sony did indeed improve the jpeg rendering a bit with the RX100 compared to their previous cameras. So with those two things combined you end up with a smaller benefit to be gained in the RX100's case.

I'll try to do a RAW conversion with minimal or zero NR and post the comparison with the jpeg.

You didn't tell me though, you think LR 4.3 will apply hidden NR, even if I set it to zero?

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