What can't the Olympus OM-D Em5 do as well as a DSLR/SLT camera?

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Re: What can't the Olympus OM-D Em5 do as well as a DSLR/SLT camera?

Kim Flowers wrote:

There are almost too many options on the market today, but all in all, I think that's good, if not a little overwhelming when trying to decide what to buy. Apart from the high price tag, this small sensor mirrorless camera seems to perform very well (can't say that I see any difference in IQ on my computer screen from the DSLR's, but then the computer screen only has so much resolution) and the Olympus has the size advantage for always being at your side. I've wanted to purchase a DSLR or Sony SLT camera for the creative control, but this camera seems to offer as much! What am I missing?

I was exactly in the same boat a few months ago. I had all the intentions of getting a sony A77, but I chose the EM-5 instead.

I chose it because:

a) it was lighter. it wasn't so important that it was small, but that it was lighter even with a lens of similar focal length.

b) the viewfinder I found less cluttered--and easier to see through with my glasses--than the sony. This was a big one for me.

c) the manual controls dials were where I wanted them. I also don't care for the on/off switch being by the shutter button, so the location of the switch on the EM-5 is no problem.

d) it looked and felt like the vintage cameras I learned on.

In the end, because I'm not a pro, just an enthusiast, I opted for something capable of being "artistic" with, and especially something to fit more with my own style. Not that I couldn't do with a Nikon d7000, or A77, but the EM-5 felt more "right" and less pretentious.

The only real drawback for me about the EM-5 isn't so much the focus tracking, because I don't take pictures of sports or wild animals, but it's that the AF cannot--and will not--focus on a flat, uniform colour background. I tried focusing on a brown wooden door and it will not do it. my old SLRs would (then I stuck a yellow post-it note on the door, and it focused perfectly. go figure ). That's pretty much the only "real world" drawback I've had with the EM-5, and if that is all, then you know I am over the moon with this camera.

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