Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Yet another biased and misleading post...

Dimitri Khoz wrote:

Right, it is one of the biggest problems with RX100.

It is RAW ONLY type of a camera.

JPEGs and Auto mode suffer from imperfect colors, excessive NR, and incorrect f-values and ISO used.

Sure, and as I said before, the Earth IS flat.

Here's a sample gallery somebody in the Sony forum posted just when he bought his RX100 and took it straight to a trip to Europe. He did not have time to even get acquainted with the camera, all shots are OOC jpegs and mostly Auto mode. Let the viewers decide then if the RX100 jpegs are as problematic as you want them to believe and if it's a "RAW only type of camera", ROFL.

I had saved the link because it was what made me decide to buy the RX100:!i=2277491848&k=GHSqPRD

Please see the snaps at the full 10MP size offered in order to appreciate the casual superiority of the RX100 compared to the rest of the compacts (not counting of course the much bigger and slower Canon G1X).

People can also have a look in my RX100 album as well in my gallery, all but 2-3 of the photos are jpegs, no RAW involved. And of course countless other threads where it is aptly demonstrated that the RX100 takes pretty impressive jpegs. And if all those fail to convince you, then you can always read DPR's review again: "In general, the RX100's image quality is very impressive. It captures lots of detail, presents it well and continues to do so pretty well even when the light starts to fail. There's not a lot more detail to be gleaned from shooting in Raw"

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