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Re: My version

lovesnoopy wrote:

That's good too, but still have the yellow necks to deal with. Thanks for your work!

I dealt with the colours on the necks as 'stains' because they are far too localized to be a part of overall image colour restoration scheme. Yet, they are part of the deterioration that affects all the image. The green stain on the left edge and the young man pants, the yellow on the necks and faces, also a brownish colour on the neck of the man, they are all localized yet with similar effect across the image. So I tried to remove the stains, not by cloning or healing tools, but by colour selection tool, and applying hue and colour balance adjustments. Colour selection affects the whole image although it is concentrated on the stains.  After minimizing the stains I worked on the colour balance of the image as a whole. The remaining stains can be removed by cloning and healing tools I guess but I didn't do it. Here's my go.

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