Can having guns protect you from being killed by another gun?

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Apprantly this man couldn't.

He happened to be one of the most proficient gun users in the world and was killed at a place where there were plenty of guns around. I just don't know how a good guy, he's definitely an NRA's good guy, can avoid being shot even when, and especially if, everyone has a gun.

He was trying to help a disturbed acquaintance, who was suffering from PTSD. Having a gun is no protection from the person you're trying to help. Guy could have run him over with is car, and then you could have a thread, called, "will owning a car protect you from other car owners?"


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Strange that we hear the notion "car" so often in the gun discussion.

One can see cars critically or be a car fan - this does not have a lot to do with guns.

I have a car permit which I renew every 5 years and then I license my car every year as well as pay for insurance in case it causes harm to someone. so far no harm has come to anyone............ but it could accidentally go off,,,, to the other lane.

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