GH3 Photo Styles?

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Page 159 of the manual (which you can download) says, "Picture quality (under Photo Styles) cannot be adjusted in the Intelligent Auto or Auto + Mode."  And in "Scene Guide Mode" the photo style is fixed.  Coming from old school (film days) I don't mess much with these supposed Intelligent modes and once I get the photo style adjusted I leave it and forget it putting my picture taking attention on accurate focus and +/- compensation of the auto exposure (center weighted) the camera gives me.

Using my experience with the GH2 I modified the GH3 Vivid Photo Style so that noise reduction, sharpness, and contrast are reduced and saturation is boosted just a bit.  With so many other features to explore I have not been back to play more with those "picture quality" settings.  With the GH2 is was some trial and error with them then evaluating results when I edited using Photoshop.  With any new camera I've found it takes a good bit of experience learning the best way to edit (enhance) the new flavored JPG output of the camera.  By choice I shoot JPG most of the time.  Tho now with the GH3 I am trying the new version of ACR Adobe Camera Raw to see if the extra effort there gives me significantly better results than my usual JPG efforts ... which I am usually very satisfied with.  My main complaint with RAW is speed of handling because of the file size and I am beyond debating RAW pros or cons.


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