Wide angles? What's the deal?

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Re: Wide angles? What's the deal?

I love my EF-S 10-22mm on a 7D! This is true even though I own FF 5D cameras. Eventually, perhaps as soon as this summer, I will acquire a 16-35mm L II, for its weather-sealing when coupled with a 1D2N, but I will probably keep the 10-22mm, and will certainly keep at least my 40D* and one of my 7D cameras. I do not understand why one would feel compelled to dispose of a perfectly good cropped-frame camera upon acquiring an FF. Theft, lost luggage, vehicular collisions, or an unfortunate, clumsy fall, and then one is minus a camera and/or lens. Professional or keen enthusiast, a spare camera/lens combo seems a good idea.

Inside my Pelican case, that I have with me at work, my 100mm 2.8L Macro is virtually welded to one 7D, and the 10-22mm usually stays mounted on my other 7D. The 10-22mm is very useful on my own time, too. It is not just a landscape lens, either; I use it for interior shots, architecture, close-range group shots, and quickie close-range shots of small objects when it seems too much trouble to fetch the macro rig. (The latter can be done by side-lighting with a hand-held light, either LED or off-camera flashgun.) When seated at a table with friends, I can hold the 7D/10-22mm overhead, point the camera vertically downward, and get a quick snapshot of the whole group. This is a working lens, and a fun lens. (My "work" is evidentiary photography, though I consider myself a professional public servant with the added responsibility of photography, rather than a "professional photographer.")

If one does plan to sell one's EF-S lenses upon going FF,  one obvious solution is to acquire a pre-owned 10-22mm, so that when sold, there will be little to no loss. Another option is to opt for a Tokina 11-16mm, which will actually fit and function on a full-frame camera, as the mirror will not strike the mirror, according to several reviewers. Of course, the Tokina will severely vignette, except at 15mm to 16mm, so it becomes a fixed wide-angle on FF.

While I cannot personally recommend this, one member of these DPR forums wrote that he physically modified his EF-S 10-22mm lens, so it would not be struck by the mirror of a full-frame Canon. This allows him to use the wider end of the zoom range. I found this quite interesting!

*I used my 40D during a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable shoot, recording priceless memories; I plan to keep it, even if obsolescence renders it a mere decoration inside a display case. Life is good!

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