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Re: Again, what is it with attacking the messenger?

One River wrote:

Sandy did you have the white balance difficulty with the older models?

Here's my personal opinion:

SD14, yes, most difficult to get right in color. by far. Incidentally, I simply gave up on trying to complete the editing on one set of redrocks.... and frustration with the color was in large measure why I bought the 5DII !

SD10, probably the 'best' ie most neutral color straight from the camera

SD9, I have one but never really used as much as the other cameras, so no comment.

DP1, probably more like the SD10 than the other DP cameras, though my DP1 tends to be rather magenta in color

DP2, 'colder' than DP1, but probably not as 'cold' (blue) as the DP2Merrill

The SD1 I used on loan at Death Valley seemed rather like the DP2Merrill, but probably not quite as 'cold' ... and I found I need to adjust the color too.

Usually I have little trouble editing to taste in SPP, including changing the white balance if necessary and editing the colorwheel. What is wickedly difficult for me on the Death Valley sets, and sometimes the US Southwest in general, is the lack of a WHITE spot reference anywhere in the photos.

The Pacific coast photos in contrast were relatively easy to edit (and I edited COLOR in both DP2Merrill AND 5DII) because most scenes had a white wave area on the breaking waves at the shoreline!

I find the 5DII usually more homogeneous, neutral, realistic in color than the Sigma RAW output. BUT I find 5DII lacks the sharp detail and looks really more 'digital' more plastic-y usually than the Sigma photos when I examine very close up (high magnification on computer).  BUT as David Millier and I have discussed extensively, I find I match cameras in prints up to 13x19 from even original DP (NOT Merrills) Sigma to Canon. But I can crop the higher resolution Canon whereas I cannot the original DPs. I expect that I will be able to extensively crop the DP2MERRILL output and SD1 but I haven't done these crops/prints yet. The ability to crop is very important in that the DPxMERRILL cameras are fixed mm. For example I think I can successfully crop this Zabriskie Point view and print large; whereas I could not have gone as large with a DP1/DP2original

I should get rid of some of the foreground in this DP2Merrill shot

or here even crop out the people

it was kind of annoying having them in the foreground and I didn't have a tele- lens really with me other than the 28-70mmEX on the SD1. Here I avoided having the people in the SD1 shot

I like this one

when you study the original size (or I even larger on my computer) you can see the TREES on the mountaintops miles away across Death Valley!

I have several sets from past years on flickr as well as on pbase

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

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