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DonParrot wrote:

alatchin wrote:

The problem with your guess is that no-one has developed on sensor PDAF that is competitive with a traditional DSLR, Nikon has come the closest, but each other attempt is all but useless. As you can see, Canon, Fuji and Sony all took a bit of time to improve their AF with CDAF, Olympus will not leapfrog Nikon to a perfect on sensor PDAF, and I cant see them robbing 1/3 stop of light with an SLT style sony design for their professional users.

Well, they leapfrogged anybody when it came to CDAF C-AF performance so why shouldn't they do the same when it comes to accelerating their FT lenses on a mirrorless body. And remember the interwiew with Ogawa (or Terada?) this winter when it was once again said that on-sensor PDAF isn't the only solution for this problem.

I dont see that the same way you do, I had the EP2, EPL2 and EM5 and each one improved slightly with a bigger jump on the OMD... But the EPL2 was only just behind panasonic for AF speed with the same lens, then the EM5 was slightly ahead... But we would have so see Olympus going from no application to being as good as a DSLR, which noone had managed yet...

The E-7 will be a DSLR, they will have improved a number of functions, body will be the same as an E-5 as their primary purchasers will be upgraders (so accessories will work), however the guts may be very different.


It could be - but I don't expect this to happen.

Well, I dont mind either way, I wouldnt even mind an adapter, just include it in the box

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