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Rriley wrote:

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John Brawley wrote:

I sure as hell dont want to see another big olympus camera with a pentaprisim. I want to see a mirrorless 4/3 mount no bigger than the E-510 with the improved focus. 4/3 is supposed to be about smaller. Also need to be able to mount m43 lenses too!

I'd buy that and pay top dollar.

Having used now the OM D and the E5, I don't think I'd miss the mirror.

What about a mirrorless 4/3 mount body ?

Hmm - this would prevent the buyers / users of this camera from using all the nice, compact mFT lenses. Don't think this would be a clever move.

not sure how a mFT with 2x or 1.4x would go, being that you would already have a mFT-43rds adapter, stacked adapters seems so uncool. I guess the one grace would be if they figured out a way to have a flipping mirror and an EVF, but personally I cant see how (not to say it couldn't be). But perhaps something else plays into it...

One thought I had was to have a flipping translucent mirror in the adpator, while the PDAF mechanism is in the body (making the adater smaller)

The word is that Sony will be moving out of the SLT layout but keeping the format, if its true this can only mean that Sony are sitting on a more perfected hybrid pdAF system - no matter whom it comes from. That might also prescribe why both Panasonic (as I assume with GH3) and Olympus have been acquiring Sony sensors, where some sorting out of various sensor specific issues would be better served by some prior experience with these particular sensors. Making the transition to the forthcoming hybrid pdAF all the more easier, and the results all the more perfect.

This will be interesting, but and this is a big one, we havent seen anyone make leaps with any AF technology, everything has been incremental. I dont see how Olympus will go from the all but useless on sensor in sony, canon and fuji bodies to not only having one that works, but having one that would work for top level applications... That is what gives me my suspicions that it will be on sensor.

Without looking at what else is being said or said to be said that gives all 3 variants possibilities. A full SLR with OVF(1), a native 43rds mount and EVF(2), and an adapted mFT(3), where if I get the language right 'while using an adapter that isn't an adapter'.

Personally I think (2)-(3) more likely, with a slight tip to (3), rather than an SLR,
but in reality all options are open and very much on the table.

It will be intersting to see what they can come up with, I have no preference, but for all the people who are holding onto their lenses it had better have at least the same af performance as the E-5... and that is quite a leap from even the best on sensor in the Nikon mirrorless bodies.

I would however buy either option, I am not against EVFs in any way, especially if they manage a better one than my OMD which I have been very happy with.

But isnt all this speculation fun, it is like a neverending night before christmas

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