E-M5 fun and frustration at the same time

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Re: E-M5 fun and frustration at the same time

TORN wrote:

Am I the only one to feel that way about this camera?

I really like my E-M5 for the powerful small package it represents and for the image quality it can deliver but after 6 months of use my initial enthusiasm has faded a bit. I use the same lens setup on any system: UWW zoom and a nice 35&85mm (analog to film). Now the 7-14 has proven to be very prone to magenta flare with a light source within the image ruining lots of shots. The Zuiko 45mm though optically great shows signs of wear (optically and mechanically) not even one of my Canon lenses has after 10 years of heavy use. I wonder if the 45 will see another year or if I have to buy a new one every other year. The Panasonic 20mm and the Olympus 17mm 1.8 do simply not allow enough control over DOF for my applications. Was to be expected but I had hoped I could compromise on it (no, Voigtlanders are no option for me due to missing AF, size and weight).

That leaves a potentially powerful package with quite some salt in the lens-soup at least for my needs. It does not help either that Olympus really went crazy on the ergonomic side with the E-M5. Things which just seemed suboptimal in the beginning now start to annoy me in everyday use. Increasing the body size 1cm, removing the upper retro design edge which drives the Play and Fn1 as well as the shutter button into an arkward position, moving the thumb weel to a position where the thumb really is (and my glasses when looking through the EVF are not) would have gone a long way and the list could go on for a while. Anybody using the braketing or mysets without hating to dig into the menu every time? What about accidentally changing the focus point while stretching out to use the thumb wheel or while grabbing the camera out of the bag? What about the handling of the small AF point? Could have been patched to work like on the E-pl5 for quite some time now. I still hate to have to wait for all shots to be flashed to the card before I can enter review mode. The display button in a corner right behind the EVF rubber lip, really? Eye sensor which kicks in every time when using the touchscreen in the upwards tilted position. Deactivate it and have fun with the display buttons position instead? To me placing the EVF on the left side like Sony and Fuji do would have been much better anyway.

So in the end despite of size and potential power of the E-M5 and the long list of things it does right it keeps frustrating me. Unfortunately neither Fuji nor Sony can really help me right now. Both lack behind the E-M5 in one way or the other. What would it be worth to exchange one compromise with another?

Sure some will come up with the "glas half empty" or "just another rant" argument but to me photography is supposed to be fun and what started to be fun went a bit downhill due to reasons which can not be found in the technical specifications. Right now I am simply pretty ambivalent about this camera. Will I ever get over it?

the bracketing is very annoying to go along with mysets. you have to keep the button for the myset pressed while also shooting? terrible. i am upset with oly for not addressing it in firmware, because they could do so easily enough.

the focus point moving bothered me until i changed the arrow pad to perform different function s- right press chooses ISO, down press chooses drive. left and up does focal point. i rarely have any accidental presses now.

i agree, the ergonomics for some of us are not ideal. i've gotten used to it, i suppose it's just a subjective thing for each person if they have an issue, whether or not they can adapt or will it forever bother them. i've adapted enough for my needs.

i would look into the GH3, if it hasn't stopped bugging you this much, you are probably better off with a different body. lucky for us panny has gone a slightly different route with their high-end MFT body, so we have choices. otherwise if you jsut can't get the DOF you want with MFT, the entire system just may not be for you. weigh out the pros and cons and just make sure you get the system that works for you best. i know if i still had a dslr kit i just wouldn't enjoy shooting because of the weight of the system and the glass i want to have with me. i simply wouldn't shoot as much, and at the end of the day, that's what it's about for my casual level of shooting. but that's very subjective.

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