A lack of excitement about the 18-35 3.5-4.5?

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Re: A lack of excitement about the 18-35 3.5-4.5?

coudet wrote:

paulski66 wrote:

Interesting; I've never seen it referred to as "one of the worst lenses Nikon has ever made."

Look at Photozone test for the old 18-35mm.

Thom Hogan generally seemed very favorably disposed toward this lens, ans did Bjorn.

You gotta give those tests some perspective. They were done many, many years ago back when people were shooting film and standards and expectations were much lower than today. Both Hogan and Rørslett say it's not really good, but it's cheap and it'd do ok on a Nikon D1.

"Under-performs on FX" and "one of the worst lenses Nikon has ever made" are two completely different things.

I agree that it ha not impressed many on FX, but when it was first released, it seemed to be greeted as a capable (not stellar, not awful, but capable) alternative to the 17-35. At least from what I've read.

I've seen a number of reviews of the lens on FX that indicate it is definitely lacking, but that's precisely why I'm intrigued by this update; I hope they address the most egregious issues, and bring us back into the capable/pretty good realm. If so, I may be interested.

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