For the same price: Nikon V1 or Samsung NX1000?

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Re: For the same price: Nikon V1 or Samsung NX1000?

At this point, I really don't want to support multiple systems.

I like technology a lot, but I am not a professional photographer and I don't really photograph that much to justify the cost.

I would like to buy a camera tot use mostly when I travel.

I really like the performance of dslrs, but they just get to much in the way.

I already travelled with a 5D and 24-105 and as good as the images got, they were not my main reason for travel, and the weight and bulk just got too much in the way.

so, I am thinking about my options...

spend not too much and get a V1 kit. Later I can get 1 or 2 more lenses and if Nikon continues to develop the system, I can get a system with some more options down the road.

i can also get a more expensive rx100 and have a camera that is truly pocketable and has a great sensor. It is however more limiting on options for expandability or upgrades.

one other option is buy either a Nex 6, or X-e1 to enjoy the benefits of bigger sensor, but spend way more.

the lens options of Sony or Fuji are also limiting and much like the Nikon currently. The lenses are also expensive, and I don't really know if I would spend the money at a later time...

what should I do?


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