i7 3770 vs 3930 for Lightroom 4

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Re: i7 3770 vs 3930 for Lightroom 4

wrx_sti wrote:

Hi All,

I am in the process of "re-modelling" my current PC. The main things I need to upgrade are the processor/mobo/ram (and probably move to an SSD). Everything else has been refreshed recently.

I recently upgraded to Lightroom 4 (because of the 5D3 support not being there in LR3), and I've noticed that my current system struggles with it quite a bit. Mind you, I cheaped out on the processor and Mobo last time round. I have an i7-750.

I am looking at getting something with more serious horsepower. My two choices are the i7-3770 and the i7-3930:


  • 4 cores
  • 4x256KB L1
  • 8MB L3
  • 3.9GHz (turbo)
  • $330
  • Works with LGA1155 motherboard


  • six cores
  • 6x256KB L1
  • 12MB L3
  • 3.8GHz Turbo
  • $570
  • Requires LGA 2011 fancy motherboard

I am fascinated by the idea of getting a hex-core processor, but don't want to spend money if not needed. Does anyone have practical experience with either of these specifically relating to lightroom? BTW - incase anyone is asking about PSU, I have an 850W modular seasonic that should handle these.


That quad core 3770 will be sufficient for your needs. Your RAM should be 16GB dual channel 1600mhz (or 32GB if your MB will support it.) An SSD is highly recommended to use solely for OS and programs with a hard disk used for storage. I would also suggest a smaller SSD to use exclusively as a scratch disk for LR and Photoshop.

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