My Canon glass isn't so hot on the 1Ds Mk. III...

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Re: Samples of what I see (apples-to-apples):

Just the characteristics of your 35 f2 wide open.  Not a big deal since you don't shoot wide-open flat planes.  However I believe the newer 35 f2 IS would fare quite a bit better if you were to test as would the Sigma 35 1.4.  Not a nature of sensor size but just that *some* lenses make benefit of sweet-zone theory but the truth is only a minority of them truly do IMO.  And being able to use sweet-zone APS-C advantage in real live is meaningless at these focal lengths and apertures, they only really are useful for getting more detail in reach limited situations (i.e. telephotos).

So the 35 f2 and 50mm 1.8's are just about the only lenses that truly can get rid of poor corners.  On the otherhand that is made up for the fact that if you are shooting wide-open on these you wanted thin DOF anyways, which FF gives you a big advantage.  In addition for lenses that are a bit weaker wide-open I tend to think they look better on FF where 18mp on APS-C really just captures more CA and optical aberrations, but just my subjective opinion.

On the other hand when it comes to telephotos you definitely feel the weight and cost disadvantage of trying to obtain similar reach as 1.6x crop.

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