The EX2F...Simply a great my opinion

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Re: The EX2F...Simply a great my opinion

Greynerd wrote:

You do talk the most enormous nonsense. Whilst you are perfectly entitled to the opinion that the image quality of the EX2F may not match the LX7 or XZ-2 to say it is only fit for Facebook shows you are just trolling for the sake of it. On what do you base this judgement that the EX2 is only fit for low resolution web postings. Most of the EX1 images I have seen have been very good and I have not seen any reviews at all that point to the drastic reduction image quality with the EX2 compared to the EX1 that you are implying.

Chris62 wrote:

Maybe for Facebook shots realy is.

We went through this with Chris in another thread. He found some obscure review of the EX2 that held the camera up to unrealistic expectations and he likewise seems to have expectations entirely outside the real world of photographs and cameras and zoom lenses. We've gotten plenty of talk and nonsense claims form Chris but very notably no photos -- photography provides us with a simple put-up-or-shut-up solution. To that end I took this photo with my EX-2 last week.

new paint job

It's full res so you can examine it in detail. I straightened it and that cost me 168 pixels off the width and 96 pixels off the height. It is otherwise uncropped and modestly processed through Photo Ninja with minimal sharpening and noise reduction. Make sure and head for the lower left corner and then follow the detail in the sidewalk all the way to the right corner -- that's impressive. For an f/1.4 zoom lens that's a tour de force. Unlike Chris you've got to retain perspective here. This photo wasn't taken with a f/2 prime lens or an f/2.8 zoom with a red ring around the lens barrel (and I have those and I know) -- this photo was taken with an f/1.4 zoom! That's shocking!

The EX1 was a superb camera with IQ competitive to the EX2. In some ways I prefer the EX1's CCD to the EX2's CMOS sensor. I still have my EX1. The EX2 is not demonstrably superior but represents incremental improvements. Unlike Chris I don't just read reviews. Given my position as a college photo instructor I get to handle and use most of the camera's out there at one point or another. With 25-30 students in class each semester someone drags in just about every one of them for me in the course of a year. In the EX2 sensor size class there are only a few competitive alternatives and no competition if you consider the f/1.4 zoom, 24mm equiv and articulated screen.


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