Need advise about ND filters

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Re: Need advise about ND filters

Confused of Malvern wrote:

Are you sure it's an ND filter you mean? All this does is darken the image/reduce the amount of light across the whole frame. That can be useful if you want to use slower shutter speeds (e.g. to blur movement of water) or use wider apertures for narrow DOF.

But for landscape photography, which is what I'm presuming you'll be doing in Utah, I think you'd find it much more useful to have an ND Grad filter. These are dark at the top fading to clear at the bottom. These are ideal for landscapes and enable you to hold back the exposure of the sky whilst giving the correct exposure to the foreground. This avoids the common problem whereby you otherwise get an overexposed sky or an underexposed foreground.

You can get srew in ND Grads but it's much more useful to get the 'square' Cokin 'P' style filters . You can then move them up or down in the filter holder and get the dark section exactly where you want it. You will need a filter, a holder and a 72mm adapter ring.

Filters come in 1 Stop (0.3), 2 stop (0.6) or 3 stop (0.9) varieties. It is perfectly feasible to manage with just one filter either 0.6 or 0.9 - I would suggest 0.9 because you can always raise the filter in the frame a little and reduce the effect.

You also have a choice between hard Grads (where there is defined line where it changes from dark to light) or soft Grads which have a more gradual transition. Soft Grads are best for landscapes.

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ND filters are available up to 10 stops commonly, 3 stops is just starting. But a polarizer might also be desired for scenics. A variable ND is usually cheaper then a bag full of graded ND filters and a lot more convenient.

Square filters are not much more versatile then screw-in types. Rectangular types are the ones that would be more useful since square ones can quickly run out of coverage unless they are very large.

Rectangular ones are expensive though. Common one are from Lee

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