Oly E-P3 with kit lens - woeful in low light?

Started Feb 1, 2013 | Discussions thread
MT Senior Member • Posts: 1,940
Yes, poor high iso compared to PL5

For what its worth.  Have a PL5 and had a P3 recently for a week+.  The noise level of the p3 is much worse at ISO 1600 than the PL5.  After using both, the PL5 handles beautifully and is, for me, on par with the p3 once I set the PL5's dial to exposure compensation in both aperture and shutter mode. It does loose one dial and built in flash compared to the P3 but has other gains such as smaller size, flip up/down screen and better button placements for me.  In short, the Pl5 is a significantly better camera if you do high iso shots.


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