Now here is an honest review of the DP2 Merrill..

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Re: Now here is an honest review of the DP2 Merril?

This part he got right...

"I think I have an idea what it is that looks good for me, and I will try to be more precise than - oh, that special je ne sais quoin. One very distinct case is color reflections in the water or glass. This sounds insanely specific and of little use, but this is where I see the most of the difference, and when those images come out good they are great. While lights reflected in the water look good with any camera, none look as good as with Sigma. Most of the time reflections loose color and sharpness, but not with Sigma. You get those thin, brightly colored lines as if drawn with a pencil directly on the water. Look at the image from Singapore for example."

The tread I started here was to make this point.  I proved this to myself as being one of the main factors in the Foveon look.

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