How close will Sigma 30mm f2.8 get me to SEL 35f1.8....75%, 85%, 95%, 99% ?

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Re: How close will Sigma 30mm f2.8 get me to SEL 35f1.8....75%, 85%, 95%, 99% ?

Sorry for bumping this thread, but I thought it would be better than starting a new one.

I am currently stuck between getting the Sigma 30/2.8 and the Sony 35/1.8... the Sigma is on sale for $100 and is looking very tempting. I was thinking of getting a lens in this focal length as a normal walkaround lens that serves most of my everyday needs. I own a NEX-5N and already have a 50/1.8. I absolutely LOVE the 50/1.8 (especially its DoF wide open), but the FoV is just too narrow to work with in normal situations, especially indoors.

On sale, the Sigma is a quarter the price of the Sony, but it is a bit over a stop slower than the Sony. In terms of FL, the Sigma seems more pleasing, but they are so close the difference should be negligible. I don't take videos that often, so OSS (and the lack thereof) is not a dealbreaker for me. It would be helpful at times to have the OSS though, since low-light indoor shots can be taken with insanely slow shutter speed... and plus, if I were to hand the camera over to a stranger for those pesky group photos, OSS will most likely help decrease the chances of getting blurred pictures. Since I am using the 5N, PDAF doesn't matter that much... heck, I MF most of the time anyways, so AF is not a huge issue. I have heard many good things about the sharpness of the Sigma, but the large aperture of the Sony, as well as the aesthetics of the Sony, keeps swaying me from the Sigma. I have heard that the Sony doesn't perform that well wide open though... so that would defeat the purpose of getting the Sony for the large aperture.

I don't think I will need both lenses, either... even if the Sigma is so cheap. Two lenses at this focal length is a bit contradictory, and plus, I only need one walkaround lens. Also, if I were to get the Sony, I would probably get it second hand... I currently see one going for ~$370.

Any opinions?

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