17mm f/1.8, really bad quality control

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#3 is looking pretty good

ulmer wrote:

ulmer wrote:

Mine arrived last week and after taking a few test pics, it was clearly decentered. The right edge of the frame was soft. I returned it and have another arriving tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I seem to have the worst luck with these things. Hopefully it's not too common.

Copy #2 arrived today from the Olympus direct online store and, while it's more centered, it's overall just not sharp.

Copy #1 looked really good at 1.8, except the right edge. It was from Samy's.

Copy #2 is really soft and low contrast, even at f4+.

I'm asking Olympus for an exchange, as this was a ridiculous error/sale lens ($370 deal on December 15th). If #3 isn't acceptable, I'm giving up.

I was really hoping this lens would be decent. I love the 35mm equivalent focal length.

I finally got what seems to be a good copy of this lens. It's not decentered and looks pretty decent at 1.8, sharpening up noticeably at 2.8 and above.

Looks like Olympus quality control was pretty lacking on the first production run of this lens. Hopefully that changes soon.

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