Kodak 8650 printer questions..

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Re: Kodak 8650 printer questions..

PJHeller wrote:

Spencer wrote:


The 8650 CAN print from any program. The printer installs just
like any other printer.

True, but if you are on a Mac, be aware that Postscript files cannot be printed via SCSI. You need to interface your Mac to the 8650 via Network, according to Kodak.

Here is what they advise: Printing from the Mac, you would need to get the Network Interface
Card ( NIC) for the 8650 Printer. Info on this card is available at:

To make the network connection, you need a mini hub (3 port is fine, approx cost $30-$40) and 2 network cables. One from your mac to the mini hub, and one from the hub to the NIC in the printer.

Instructions for connectivity are included in the NIC user's manual, available
at the same URL as mentioned above.

Hope this helps.


Any idea where you can buy this card? Any hope of using an external network print server rather than Kodak's internal card? What I'm doing now is running a Parallels VM with WinXP and using a cheap ($12) USB to parallel adapter to drive the 8650. I output Tiff's from the Mac and print them from the VM, Crude but cheap. It would be great if I could make the 8650 a Mac printer, but I can't afford to spend much implementing it. I'm running OSX 10.8 on the Mac and Kodak's old Mac drivers are useless.

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