USB Thumb Drive vs SD Card for photo backup/storage

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The bigger question...

CAcreeks wrote:

Gato Amarillo wrote:

Between thumb drives and SD cards I'd lean toward thumb drives as being a little bit more universal and possibly more mechanically durable.

Yellow Cat, I agree about "more universal."

Where did you get the idea that USB sticks are more durable? I have had several fail, and experienced data corruption on others. That never happened with SD cards.

On an SD card the memory chip is integrated with the I/O pins, whereas USB sticks sometimes have a soldered connection between the serial plug and the memory chip, which could be a point of failure.

I would think that the bigger question should be:

How long will USB be around?

Take Firewire, for example.

For years Firewire came in all computers.

Now, none of them do!

My fairly new laptop doesn't have it.

Nor does my new desktop have it, but it does have USB2 and the new USB3!

At the moment I don't have anything that runs with USB3, so I haven't tried it yet.

10 years from now USB will most likely be ancient history.

And SD cards also will be ancient history.

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