DP2M review in Shutterbug March 2013 issue

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Re: (even more) vindication on DR

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

This is what I've been saying all along! Every single test that actually measures DR shows the Merrill sensor with way more DR than people give it credit for. I hadn't ever seen a D800 image that made me think the camera had more DR than the Merrill cameras and here we see someone confirm it...

I'm a sigma fan and user since many years, i have (had) DP1, DP2, SD14, SD15, SD1, DP1m, and DP2m.

I also think, that the DR of the Merrills is decent, when exposed correctly. I think its comparable to Canon 5D MK2. 
But what i've seen from D800, D600 or Sony RX-1 is just another step forward when it comes to DR.
You can download RAW samples from the nikon D600 here: 
(There are some very hight contrast scenes, try to push shadows....there is a lot of color information in the dark areas, with very low color noise, very impressive)

What do you think?


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