My Canon glass isn't so hot on the 1Ds Mk. III...

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Re: Samples of what I see (apples-to-apples):

CanonKen wrote:

Here is the same shot at f/2. While you cannot see it, the center of the image is in focus, and the brightness is the same as the f/11 image (with is, the same brightness across the board). My question is, for a lens like this, wide open on a FF body, is this what I should expect? It is OK if the answer is yes. I'm just surprised it is THAT severe. I'm really not trying to pixel-peep, I just want to make sure my expectations are in line.

using a fast lens wide open usually is because you are also center framing (think portrait) versus needing sharpness in the corners.

here's the MTF . you can see it falling off quickly after the APS-C zone in the corners.

MTF 35mm F2.0

So yes, it will .. use it to take advantage of that fact .. if you shoot with center framing and prority wide open to be at the center and need the corners, etc to be blurred because of DOF .. then this can work to your advantage.

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