The no lens hood epidemic

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Re: The real down to Earth point is .... that you are sadly mistaken!

Zone8 wrote:

jeffsvisions wrote:

I can't believe all this over a $10. lens hood. Manufactures are always trying to save money so as not to add to the price for their goods. If they felt that everyone that used their lens used the hood then they would include it with the lens. If you can afford to spend $500. on a lens you can buy one for $10.

The real point Jeff is not the cost but the inconvenience. Rather akin to buying an Epson inkjet printer, then getting home and finding there is no USB lead supplied. The lenshood should be supplied as part of the lens itself - if a lenshood does nothing in terms of helping to reduce the chance of flare - then perhaps it is not needed but most find the lenshood is definitely needed - so it should be provided- not left to the new owner to trawl around trying to find one that fits, with all the hassle and time wasting that ensues. Anyone who really thinks otherwise displays a lack of simple commonsense.

Don't confuse "most" posters here in the Open Talk Forum to "most" camera usuers out in the real world.

Because you will find that you are sadly mistaken thinking that your own and a few other posters  opinions is the way the real world operates.

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