My Canon glass isn't so hot on the 1Ds Mk. III...

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Samples of what I see (apples-to-apples):

These are 1500x1500, 100% crops from the top-left corner of the frame.  Shot on a tripod, MLU, shutter cable.  The sensor was parallel with the subject (a large, detailed map).  Before you ask about focus on the f/2 shot, I even focused on the top corner, locked, and recomposed, same thing.  You can still clearly read 'SEATTLE' in the f/2 example, it is just distorted.

First, here is the f/11 shot.  I have to say it is AMAZING.  To have an old, cheap lens squeeze this sort of detail out of a 20MP FF sensor is a lot to ask for.  There is very little abrasion or vignetting.

Here is the same shot at f/2.  While you cannot see it, the center of the image is in focus, and the brightness is the same as the f/11 image (with is, the same brightness across the board).  My question is, for a lens like this, wide open on a FF body, is this what I should expect?  It is OK if the answer is yes.  I'm just surprised it is THAT severe.  I'm really not trying to pixel-peep, I just want to make sure my expectations are in line.

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