Who here came from Nikon to 5D, 6D and are happy or not?

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Re: Who here came from Nikon to 5D, 6D and are happy or not?

rrccad wrote:

TOF guy wrote:

This filter blocks all UV and IR from reaching the sensor and gives me sharper pictures (even compared to no filter), better color saturation, better blacks and cleaner whites.

These filters have no more use on recent dSLRs. Manufacturers put IR / UV filters in front of the sensors which are very effective.

that's actually not exactly true. the IR/UV cut filters have a gentler rolloff than the ones that sit in front of the lens.

As long as the unwanted light is prevented to reach the sensor I don't see the point of it.

also near IR light will reflect off elements leading to hot spots, and lowering of contrast just by near IR light bouncing off of the elements. a IR/UV filter in front blocks that from occurring.

I've seen no evidence of any of this with a recent dSLR. My B+W486 has not seen any use for years because it's useless.  So I'm highly sceptical of the effect you describe. Just like the supposed "better color saturation, better blacks and cleaner whites": way over exagerated if any effect at all.

I'd love to see the images if you have pictures comparing filter in / filter out images of the same scenery and displaying any difference. As I've said it doesn't with a B+W486.

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