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Re: What DX Pro market?

KnightPhoto2 wrote:

Anyhow it annoys the heck out of me that the poorer camera, 5Diii, gains a reputation of being "better balanced" just because it has 6fps whereas the D800 in 1.2 crop 24mp mode can do 5fps. I don't mind Canon shooters having that point of view, but when Nikon shooters buy into that, it seems to me they aren't thinking rationally. Anyhow, sorry I am probably way off topic to the OP now

You're right, and it's not just that small FPS difference, we heard people say that lower resolution and lower dynamic range makes 5D Mark III "a better balanced camera". Only on dpreview can you witness such displays of all logic simply breaking down. My old teacher would have a field day with that..

But, it's not just Canon users that are at fault here. This is a universal issue when people get attached, emotionally, to a brand and then reason simply goes out the window.

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