New Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95 lens

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What's the problem ?

PerL wrote:

Arent these lenses a long way from the concept of m43?

A 42 0.95 has the same DOF as a 85 2.0 on FF.

Very thin DoF is only a problem if you're very close to your subject. Why would you need a weak teleprime for close-ups? But, for example, at 3 meters at F/0.95 on a m4/3 camera, the DoF is 13 cm which is enough in many situations. If you want to shot a child lit by a candle, 13 cm is enough if you don't want to show the candle and the face.

On the other hand, with a 42mm F/0.95 on a m4/3 camera, twice the number of photons per mm2 will reach the sensor, compared to a 85mm f/2,0 on a full-frame camera. Consequently, lower ISO will be used on the m4/3 camera.

If you criterion changes from DoF to brightness, a 42mm F/0.95 on a m4/3 camera is exactly like a 85mm F/0.95: both will carry exactly the same number of photons per mm2 to the sensor. The 85mm would weight a ton and would cost a fortune if it would exist. Am I right to say that such a lens doesn't exists? So what's the problem?

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