Nikon DSLR for MF lenses

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Re: Nikon DSLR for MF lenses

Bajerunner wrote:

Kvenna wrote:

Good choice!

If you haven't discovered it yet, there's a feature you may find useful. The fn button + command dial can be set to select from the non-CPU lens menu.


Thanks for this! I did input the non cpu lenses, but where in the viewfinder does the choice show up, is it by aperture? I had been wondering to ask this and now you mentioned it.


You can assign to the fn, DoF or AE-L/AF-L buttons (Custom Setting f4, f5 and f6). Then, when you press the button and rotate the dial you'll see the stored menu numbers, focal length and max aperture displayed on the top screen.

When you've selected a lens, the chosen aperture and shutter speed will be displayed in the viewfinder and on the top screen as usual.


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