Death of the GXR project?

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Re: Death of the GXR project?

Toccata47 wrote:

Much hand wringing these days. Are ricoh products getting worse relative to competitors? I don't think so. Both the gxr and he grd are really solid and well realized cameras but they certainly don't impress with specs. All of this expectation for "new stuff" reminds me of rats on a wheel. Are these cameras lacking or are we just conditioned to shelling out cash on an annual basis for trivial upgrades? There were 11 years between the nikon F and F2. Did photography suffer the gap?

None of this applies to the op of course. If there is a point, it's merely a reminder that new tech only satisfies 'til the next product cycle is due. As far as I'm concerned the gxr as a project is dead when parts are no longer available and 4 more megs haven't a chance of improving me as a photographer, neither will a better evf, nor a larger sensor, nor get the point.

At last – a sensible detached view on this subject.

The 'death of' meme will apparently never die but is a reminder how addicted the market has become to the entrenched short product-life-cycle ideology which seems to have more in common with the fashion industry than is healthy. It has never appeared to me that Ricoh subscribe to this unsustainable short term consumer model. I just can't see the evidence.

From a user perspective, when a new chip comes out does my camera-chip immediately start making bad photos? I don't think so. Do I need the latest camera with Android and built-in social networking. Unlikely if I'm a GXR user.

The OP simply appears to like sustaining the death of GXR, death of Ricoh story. How long has it been since the last thread? A month, two at the most.

Rats on a wheel? Even rats learn by repetition.

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