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alatchin wrote:

Is this from RAW, or is this an out of camera Jpeg? Looking at all that white in a gm with poor lighting I could hazard a guess that this shot may have been underexposed and pulled up (brightened) in software. That would explain a lot of the noise.

Try to expose your shots to the right (let more light in during exposure), use the histogram to make sure you are using all the highlight headroom of the camera and you will see less noise in the file.


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It's captured RAW, but saved a jpeg to post here.  Did not process/brighten anything on this image.  The RAW file looks very similar to me on my monitor.  These images just sort of illustrate the kind of noise I see in most of my shots.  For obviously underexposed or higher ISO shots, it's much worse.

At this point, I have over 1000 random shots in different lighting conditions and exposure settings, and I see similar noise (to varying degrees) when I zoom way in to the RAW image file in LR or PS.

Will check out the histogram and work on exposing to the right.  Hopefully it's something like that, but trying to eliminate something obvious.

To confirm, given the (average gym) lighting conditions in the above and no flash, you would expect to be able to get a sharp/clear image from this gear if it were properly exposed?

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