Against the grain of these forums (separation of subject etc.)

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Re: Against the grain of these forums (separation of subject etc.)

You are right on all counts. Once the picture has been posted (exhibited) for any reason including a Challenge, it has to be assumed that its author wanted it to look the way it is presented. Whatever the viewer opinion about the technique, approach, kinds and extents of post-processing applied, the final outcome appears when author thinks there is nothing else left to refine that work.

People look at such works in different manner, of course, but a certain percentage tends to reverse-engineer the image, forgetting that there is more than one way to arrive at the same appearance. They often miss the basic role of the medium, which is to convey its author's emotional, factual  or critical comment.

Sometimes an image will need to be smooth and flowing, the other times it will very well xploit its graininess, rough graphics, overkill color or something like that, but there is no cast-iron rule in anyone's visual expression. In fact, there are no "rules" - at the most, there will be "recommendations" or "suggestions", serving always one single purpose: the conveyance of what the authors think is the most important aspect of their visual statement.

But the art of reading (viewing) advances with time and experience, and it's the same way with writing (imaging). And everyone learns at their own pace.

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