Not sure I understand the issue with no min. shuter speed and Auto ISO

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Is it not just a case of using Shutter Priority and setting your shutter speed for any given situation?

If I were photographing people for instance, I'd normally choose 1/80 or 1/100th sec. to freeze their movement, then let the aperture sort itself out and also the ISO.

If Aperture were also important, I'd set both shutter and aperture and let ISO sort itself out.

Is that the wrong way to do it?

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Dave H I can only help one person each day... ...and today is not your day! (tomorrow doesn't look good either!)

In aperture priority mode, the camera adjusts shutter speed and/or ISO. Ideally, the camera would try to keep the ISO as low as possible to minimize noise. At the same time, the shutter speed should be limited to avoid motion blur. So, just as much as there is an Auto-ISO mode with hard limit that tells the camera not to exceed a certain value, there should also be an Auto-shutter-speed mode with hard limit.

One could argue that Auto-ISO modes with limits aren't necessary, because one can set the ISO manually. That, however, may take several trial images before things are worked out properly. Besides, as mentioned already, Fuji doesn't really provide powerful tools for properly judging exposure quickly. Auto-modes let the camera do some of the work, and it can do it much faster, which means fewer missed shots.

Likewise, implementing shutter speed limits would allow the camera to work out both shutter speed and ISO very quickly, without introducing too much noise nor running the risk of getting motion blur, resulting in even fewer missed shots.

It's all about getting a shot quickly (and properly) when the opportunity presents itself.

if the light source is changing constantly and the conditions rely on quick shooting I agree that minimum shutter speed would be welcome, but in these conditions a dslr would be more appropriate. I find the x series cameras to be too slow for quick snapshots which rely simply on point and shoot. I am primarily thinking of gig photography as an example.

Try using continuous focus and just press the shutter button to take an image; no half-pressing

This would be ideal if continuous autofocus worked well, unfortunately its rather poor. The xpro I have is not a spray and pray machine, it requires thought and deliberate actions to use effectively.

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