not feeling the love for my a77

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thanks for the mostly measure answers and some added info

Thanks for the MOSTLY measured responses.

I was a working pro so do have high expectations but have managed them.

some of my personal work if anyone is so inclined as to look

I shoot (shot) most everything but currently landscapes (close to car) still life, portraiture, indoor and environmental, grandchildren and their sports hockey, soccer (nex focus fails here), architecture.  Fact is though i shoot less and less and would forego the sports

print at home epson 3880 so 16x20 max but lately 8x10 and super B 13x19 rarely bigger.

the value of the a99 is the full frame sensor but es heavier, maybe reduce glass but still heavy. looking at better strap systems but they present their own complications

back pack is out, old military, nam, artillery than helo crash injuries, broken neck, shattered back, broken shoulder, one compromised hand, I can't put a backpack on or take it off.  Wheel a lighting bag but all big flash gone use speedlights and diffusers for size weight reduction.

Net I'm all over the place usage wise but as I deteriorate my expectations go down, thus the evalation of equipment.

I will also say that the limited usage of the a77 may impact my comfort and i have not learned it well typically gained thrugh usage.

NEX glass and slow focus really hinder that option but i use it the most now

will look at the oly, concerned about the small sensor?? i print so computer images do not always show what i want would like a printable file or raw file, next time at hospital in NYC every 6 weeks, i'll try to detour and test one with a card I can take hoem

RX1 can't manage a sigle focal length, thought about it, need at least a wide, normal and med portrait tele.  24/28  50ish  85/100

hope this is helpful, think it answered most comments

kindly, bill

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