Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: 20Mp is for Cropping with slow short lenses

The two comments I bolded are counter to each other. If it isn't sharp, you can't crop.

You should have read the rest - you get to crop at a wider angle where its sharper also making the lens faster and the IS more effective as well .

The reality is the RX100 IS sharper than S100 and pretty much everything in it's size class. If you pixel peep, it might look softer, but you can fix this quick by just downsizing to the same resolution as the other camera you are pixel peeping against.

Negating the resolution advantage .......

BUT as it happens, at the wide end with the aperture faster than F5.6 it`s very sharp so the full 20Mp is an advantage . this is all in RAW of course, Sony JPGs are mushy unless resized to a quarter of the pixel count ..

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