Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Cameralabs A/F comparison...

Daniel Lauring wrote:

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YiannisPP wrote:

NIK11 wrote:

People regularly overstate matters in these forums, it's part of the 'perfectionist' language.

Calling Tyson Gay or Yohan Blake sluggish because Usain Bolt beats them to the line is not a case of "overstating matters". It's just BS.

Your unfortunate use of Gay and BS in place of a well reasoned debate says it all. I made the mistake of assuming you knew something about A/F.

Enjoy your new toy.


I think his analogy is a good one. You wouldn't call a Mustang V6 sluggish because the V8 was 2 seconds faster 0-60. Likewise, you shouldn't describe the RX100 as sluggish because there is a camera or two faster than it. There are plenty of cameras deserving of the title, sluggish, but the RX100 isn't one of them.

So you approve of citing 'Gay' in a photography forum as being what, 'unthinkable' perhaps? Think carefully about the preconceived disposition to make that example run. It is inappropiate IMO.

You need to follow this whole thread, I have already said the RX100 is fast for a compact, no question. Others issues arose when someone who has owned both RX100 and LX5 had the 'audacity' to suggest the LX5 was quicker. That poster described the RX100 as 'sluggish' in comparison to the LX. Not a word I would use, but it is his opinion and entitled to make it. Maybe he is a sports photographer who is used to handling the quickest DSLR's around.

The problem with your Mustang analogy is that it is easier to measure a straight line race (whether it be cars or people) than it is to interpret A/F performance in all light, all conditions, at all FL's and various apertures, in real  world use outside the studio. That's why I suggest any hands-on comparison is valuable, not something to be derided. Also, years ago I use to marshall at races and I well recall overhearing a famous racing driver coming back from practice run complaining to the mechanics that the car felt 'sluggish'.

Personally,  I really don't care which one is quicker, but I am suggesting it is not the simple issue some here would like it to be.


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